Kevin Sun

Published articles

  1. Oral Exams in a Virtual Classroom - Inside Higher Ed
    In summer 2021, I taught a 6-week undergraduate online course on algorithms. One novel (to both me and the students) aspect of my course was that most students took an oral final exam (rather than a written one). In this article, I reflect on how that experience went, and I give advice to instructors who are considering oral exams.

  2. My interview with Jothy Rosenberg - Duke Graduate School
    In 2020, I had the opportunity to interview Jothy Rosenberg, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Who Says I Can't Foundation. We discussed his career, family, his best memory at Duke, and other things.


The blog posts below are ranked according to how I feel about them, which is a crazy thing to do because obviously they're all literary masterpieces. I welcome you to read them all and disagree with my ranking.

  1. Actually, you are an imposter - 06/20
    You feel like you're not as good as everyone else, but you've heard of imposter syndrome. Maybe you actually are an imposter? Or maybe there's more to it.

  2. Craving a non-student identity - 10/21
    I'm almost 27, and I've been a student for as long as I can remember. But I'm also not super excited for what comes next: having a real job. Am I having a quarter-life crisis?

  3. Try to Actually Learn - 02/22
    Stop treating your TA like a debugger.

  4. Four metrics for friendship - 10/19
    Why do different friendships feel different?

  5. Why learn algorithms? - 05/21
    This post is for the computer science major feeling forced to take an algorithms class, and wondering, "What if I just want to be a software engineer?

  6. My Teaching on Purpose Fellowship application - 01/22
    Some thoughts I've had from teaching computer science undergraduates.

  7. Grammatical Errors in The New York Times - 07/20
    I combed through 17 quizzes written by the NYT, and in this post, I summarize the solutions. I also share some of my favorite uncategorized errors; a spoiler-free version is here.

  8. My first video - 08/21
    I once made a video about a card trick, and here's a post reflecting on my experience.

  9. Realizations from my first internship - 08/19
    I once interned at IQVIA, where I learned a few things about corporate life.

  10. What is "algorithms"? - 12/20
    Let's explore the distinct, but related, meanings of one word that's gotten tossed around a lot.



  1. What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain
    It's somewhat inspiring, but I wish it were more concrete.