Kevin Sun

Favorites from "Copy Edit This!"

The New York Times has published a series of 17 quizzes (starting here) on grammatical errors, each containing 10-15 questions.

In this post, I summarize some of the more common errors, and I also list some of the questions that I found more interesting.

Here's the spoiler-free version of the "interesting" questions.

  1. From Quiz 3:

    "We should be embarrassed as a city, every single one of us, that we've allowed this city to become the poster boy of violence in America," said the Rev. Michael Pfleger, an activist and pastor of a Catholic church on the South Side. "Are we just going to shake our heads and say, 'What a terrible year in Chicago?'"

  2. From Quiz 3:

    The president-elect has long held a financial stake in "The Apprentice" franchise. His original contract in 2003 with Mark Burnett, the show's creator, promised Mr. Trump as much as 50 percent of the show's gross receipts after costs, and 20 percent from other versions of the show, like international editions, according to a copy of the contract obtained by The New York Times.

  3. From Quiz 6:

    This dramatic shift in focus has confirmed what conservatives said they always feared when Democrats granted the government expansive new powers over health care. The government can giveth, they said, but it can almost never taketh away.

  4. From Quiz 8:

    But the calendar doesn't stop at the end of the century, and continued warming beyond that will begin to make parts of the planet uninhabitable for mammals like ourselves, because of the dangers of heat stress.

  5. From Quiz 11:

    Then again, it is one of the only places in the city where you can end a meal with steamed black-sugar cakes, soft and homey and rarely seen outside their hometown, Okinawa.

  6. From Quiz 13:

    The reason the Mets had been playing Cespedes of late despite the injury was because they wanted his potent bat in their slumping lineup.

  7. From Quiz 14:

    Many may have forgotten, or never learned how, to compete for workers.

  8. From Quiz 14:

    With his tweet, the latest in a week of dizzying statements by a president whose advisers say has become more unwilling than ever to listen to advice, Mr. Trump signaled open warfare on Mr. Cohen, a longtime fixer he had until now tried to keep by his side.

  9. From Quiz 15:

    Each of the three candidates vying to replace Mr. Flake, who is retiring after a single term, aligned themselves with Mr. Trump.

  10. From Quiz 17. This one's a headline!

    As 2-Year Anniversary of Grenfall Blaze Nears, Lawsuit is Filed in Pennsylvania

Click here to see the solutions and my commentary.