Kevin Sun

Welcome to my website.

My name is Kevin Sun. I'm currently a graduate student at Duke; my academic webpage is here. Thankfully, I'm the only person who satisfies this condition. I say this because there are a lot of Kevin Suns out there.

This website is mainly a compilation of things that I've written. I wouldn't call myself a writer, but I'm certainly trying to improve. Here are some thoughts I've had about evaluating friendships and imposter syndrome. Here are some other thoughts about algorithms, and why I recommend learning them. I've even written an entire mini textbook about them.

I also like to rank things. In particular, I currently have rankings for board games, books, and TV shows, and I plan on creating more in the future.

This website uses Google Analytics only for vanity purposes; I doubt there will ever be ads.

My email is "nusnivek [at] gmail [dot] com" — I'd love to hear from you, and please call me Kevin. You can also message me anonymously using this form.

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