I enjoy discussing thoughts and ideas with other people. But sometimes, sustaining a conversation makes it difficult to develop longer thoughts, which I also enjoy doing. For these situations, I do a bit of research, arrange my thoughts as clearly as I can, and compile them as a post. That’s the gist of my plan for this website.

Here’s a concrete situation that somewhat captures what I mean. When I’m engaged in an active text conversation with a friend, I can usually see (depending on the messaging platform) when they’re typing a response. The indication is the presence of three flickering dots on my screen. If I’m also typing, then I suddenly feel torn between two options:

  1. Surrender to the dots: Delete whatever I’m typing to prevent the conversation from slightly derailing, and wait for the other person to finish.
  2. Ignore them: Plow ahead and finish my message, even if it cuts off my friend or appears awkwardly after whatever they’re currently typing.

Unfortunately, no matter what, someone’s getting cut off. (In my experience, this also happens over the phone, and the least during in-person conversations. As a historical note, in-person conversations are happening much less frequently these days.)

This is where this website comes in. By posting here, I can’t get cut off. If my friend reads the post and wants to formulate their thoughts, they can’t get cut off either. And whenever we feel like it, we can chat afterwards. In other words, posting here adds an asynchronous element to my real-time conversations, which I think is beneficial.

To be clear, I wouldn’t write an entire post that only appeals to one friend. But it’s also too challenging to write something that appeals to all of my friends. So here’s my rule of thumb: I write stuff that I think would be interesting to discuss with at least two friends.

In the future, my priorities may change. For example, if I start to care more about my search engine optimization, I’ll write longer posts containing hotter keywords. If I become more interested in one particular topic, I’ll write posts targeting other enthusiasts. (But even if these things happen, I’ll still follow my rule of thumb.)

Finally, if we’re being totally honest, I also write for the purported benefits; “benefits of writing” and “benefits of blogging” each yield a zillion results on Google. These range from internal things like stress reduction, learning, and happiness, to external things like career advancement, establishing authority, and making money.

Who knows how much I’ll actually experience these things, but I guess I should try.