Kevin Sun


Obviously, it's impossible to definitively rank anything once and for all. There are simply too many factors: the context of my experience, the high-dimensional nature of things, the inherent subjectivity of my preferences, the fact that they can change over time, etc. There's also recency bias, confirmation bias, and all sorts of other biases.

With that being said, ranking stuff is fun. It's also fun to learn about someone through their favorites, so here are some of mine. In each category, I've limited myself to 3 golds, 4 silvers, 5 bronzes, and unlimited honorable mentions (HM's). On every step on the podium, items are listed in decreasing order of preference; HM's are listed alphabetically.

Please don't take this page seriously; I'm not a critic or anything. There are a billion things out there that I haven't experienced yet, and new things are always being created. So if there's something that you think I'd like, feel free to let me know!

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Board games (more complex)

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TV Shows

(I haven't watched many TV shows...)