There are many people out there named “Kevin Sun”, and I am one of them. I’m not sure where the comma in the previous sentence belongs. My pronouns are he/him.

I can’t play the saxophone, didn’t study biology in college, and never participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad. I’ve also haven’t founded any companies, didn’t run cross country in college, never taught at St. John’s University, and I’m not a journalist. So if you know a “Kevin Sun”, it’s probably not me — there are so many of us.

Instead, I’m a graduate student at Duke; my academic webpage is here. Thankfully, I believe I’m the only person satisfying this condition (as of July 2020).

This website uses Google Analytics only for vanity purposes; I doubt there will ever be ads.

Here are some people whose websites have inspired mine:

My email is “nusnivek [at] gmail [dot] com” — I’d love to hear from you.

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